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Connect 4

The classic version of connect 4 is this. The rules are simple, your mission is it to bring 4 coins in a row, then you win the game. But in this connect four online game the computer is very hard to beat. Itīs a big challenge, trying your best and be the first. You can play this game for free, you donīt need a registration. Play now online and have a lot of fun with connect4. Come on, letīs go!

Online Connect Four

Connect Four

One more connect four online game. have it developed. Itīs simple, but itīs still great, because you can play with a friend. Challenge someone und show this person, that you are the champion of this free game. You musst connect 4 slices in 1 row, itīs the classic version. You can play this onlinegame for free, too. Just start and then play without registration.

Connect 4 in 1 Line

4 in 1 Line

The name is another one, but the rules are the same. 4 in a Line, that is the name, that is the gameplay. It makes fun, but the sound is missing. Nevertheless, you can play alone in three difficulty levels, in easy, in medium or in hard. Additionally you can play versus a friend, challenge him. You can play this game for free, just like the other two games. Have fun with four in one line.


Connect4 - a simple but entertaining game

Connect Four is a two player game, which is also known under the names Fourplay, Four in a Row, Four in a Line or Captain's Mistress. Under the Connect Four trademark by Milton Bradley the game was first published in February 1974. It was designed by Howard Wexler and Ned Strongin one year before its release.

Rules of Connect 4

The rules are quite simple, which is a reason for the popularity of this game. At first each player chooses a color, commonly these are yellow or red, and receives a small amount of discs in this color. The game is played with a seven-column and six-row grid, which is arranged upright. The number of columns may be changed from six to ten, creating a greater variety of the game, but the number of rows is usually seven. Alternately each player puts a disc in one row. The disc falls down straight and will only be stopped by another piece. The aim is to be the first of the two players to connect four discs of the same color vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Connecting five or six instead of four pieces in a row is a different version of this game and is played with a bigger grid. If each cell of the grid is filled and no player has already connected four discs, the game ends drawn, so no player wins.

It is unusual but possible to play this game as a four player game, adding the colors blue and green. The rules remain the same. One round will take approximately 1 up to 10 minutes, depending on the skill and experience of each player.

Strategy to win Connect Four

One strategy to win this game is to prepare two chances to connect four discs at once, therefore setting up a double bind. This will consequently lead to the victory, since the player can only avoid one of the two chances.

A perfect solution for a Connect4 game with 7 rows is already mathematically proven. Assuming a perfect play and best defense by both players the beginning player will always win by starting with the middle row. The decision to start at any other row will ultimately lead to a draw, if both players play perfect. Therefore it is also possible to play the game with 8 rows, a modus which is not solved mathematically yet.

A further variation of this game is the so called Limetris, which is derived from the game Tetris. If the bottom row is completely filled with discs, it will disappear, making draws impossible.

To put it in a nutshell, Connect 4 is a game which offers a lot of varieties in number of players, size of the grid and rules. Because of this the game won’t get boring after a few matches and is always fun to play with family and friends.

Play online for free

Now you can play here Connect Four for free online, without registration, you can play the games directly. Have fun with our games.

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